Training sports medicine experts who will lead the age of 100 years of national health

Your dreams come true in Department of Sports Medicine at CHA University!

Due to the remarkable development of modern health industry, human life expectancy has grown significantly. However, a lot of people suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia (cardiovascular disease) and osteoporosis, arthritis, lumbago pain, neuralgia (musculoskeletal disorders) due to decreased activity of human activities and unhealthy diet. Moreover, with the improvement of living standards and the establishment of 5-day workweek, the need to maintain personal health and leisure activities is growing but rather, due to the increase in sporting activity, the number of sports injuries is increasing rapidly.

Dept. of Sports Medicine is aiming to become a qualified and talented individuals with specialized faculty and professional training programs linked to global anti-aging group, ‘CHA Medical Group’. With the goal of fostering future specialists, we are focusing on a development of health of modern people living in the age of 100, and devising ways to achieve treating and managing various diseases and changing health care system.


In the future, we will face more challenges in a healthy age of 100 and therefore, we need to prepare appropriate methods and solutions for that. Dept. of Sports Medicine is wish to strengthen our role in this part. To achieve this, we are stepping forward to foster more competitive students and produce academic accomplishments and contributing to the related areas.


We ask for your continued support and affection.


Thank you

Prof. Sung-ki LEE

Head of Dept. of Sports Medicine