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Training for global sports medicine professional at
CHA University of the Department of Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a course that foster future experts who research, prescribe, manage general lifestyle related to research and health based on the theoretical knowledge of sports medical sciences and clinical expertise in basic medicine. We study the movements of the human body in the medical and clinical standpoint of the human body and also operate various training courses for improving athletic functions, prevention of sports injuries and medical treatments.

Systematic education on theories experiments and practices covering basic medical fields and clinical fields

The Department of Sports Medicine evaluates and analyzes exercise effects, non-pharmacological and non-invasive therapeutic effects from the viewpoint of sports science and clinical medicine based on medical knowledge including basic medical fields such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry and clinical fields, And improve the fitness of the players, as well as the guidelines for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries by improving the fitness of the players, as well as the health and fitness of the general and chronic patients, and various methods for treatment and health management of various diseases, We are training sports medicine specialists who can prepare measures to cope with the environment.


Advanced infrastructure and higher utility through industry-academic collaboration

We offer a various practical education to our undergraduate students through collaboration with the top-class sports and medical labs, institutes in CHA Medical Group’s 38 global network in Los Angeles, Seoul, Bundang, Gumi and Daegu and many other institutions specializing in research and development in Korea and overseas. In addition, we have a global education environment that educates our talented students through training abroad and also offers internship program as well. This will provide opportunities for our graduates to prepare for their future employment.


Variety of domestic and foreign training and internships and differentiated cultivate people of professionals ability

We offer a lot of programs that require professional training such as training for sports professionals, athletes’ and non-athletes’ training session, athletic treatment, rehabilitation treatment, health care treatment and many other types of programs coping with top-class institutes in Korea and overseas as well. Dept. of Sports Medicine is also providing opportunities to offer practical experience to our undergraduate students in the field of education, as our course has already been selected for a variety of domestic and international sports events.